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This band is awesome live!

On this page I'll include reviews of the shows I've seen by this band, both recently and in years past. I'll also include reviews that others send me.

April 28th, 2000 Peabodys Down Under Cleveland, Ohio

This was my 1st oar show at the Peabody's Down Under witch was a real dive. My tickets said oar was coming on at 7:00 so I was there then little did I know there was three openers by the time oar got on it was 12:30 they played all the songs with great fan participation then came about Mr. Brown then they said their thank yous and walked off stage after the hard-core poker chant started and some one from the crowd grabbed the mic off the stage and was yelling poker in to it that didnt make the sound guys too happy after about 10 minutes they came back on and play what I think is still one of the best versions of poker I have ever heard. This show was great, approximate attendance was 400 people. Then after the show I got to meet the band for the 1st time what a great bunch of guys they were so down-to-earth they were signing autographs and talking to all the fans by the time was show was over it was like 3:00am. It was a crazy night. This was my 1st show and definately not my last, I have seen oar a total of eight times and number nine coming on December 12, 2001.

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