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O.A.R. signs with Lava records:


      Let us begin this by thanking each and every one of you for years of non-stop support and encouragement as we have wound our way throughout the country playing some music. We know that without your support we would not be sitting here right now as excited as we are. Over the past two years we have been entertaining many ideas on how to get our music out to more and more people and continue to do this thing of ours. During this time the board has had many similar discussions of the pros and cons, ins and outs, and ups and downs of taking the band and the music to the next level. We have ALWAYS listened to what you guys have to say, and we are not about to stop now. This past six months has brought some of the most serious discussions about our future and where we are trying to take it. We wanted you all to be the first outside of our families to know that we have made a decision that will lead us into our next phase. Before we say what we have decided let us give you a little background of why we are making such large steps. Touring has always been the most important thing to this band. There is no better feeling than being received coast to coast solely based on the support of a die-hard audience. We appreciate every moment. Now that we have put out four records and are working on a fifth it is our chance to take our studio efforts to a whole other level. We want to be able to gel the live experience with a studio vibe and continue to put out albums. It is time that we extend this music to a broader audience and the hard work of Everfine Records to be highlighted and expanded upon. This is why we are so incredibly excited to announce that we will soon finalize a label deal with Lava Records. What this means is that we will now have the same opportunities and outlets that are offered to major label artists, yet we retain the one true thing that has made O.A.R. and you guys different from the rest. Freedom. Throughout this entire experience that is the one thing we always hold strong to. What we mean by freedom is that we have found at Lava a place that is willing and committed to expanding upon the path O.A.R. and Everfine have headed down these past few years. Touring will continue to be a huge part of what we do, yet we will now have the outlets to get some new studio and live records to a broader audience. This has become so important to us as a band and we cant wait to team up with a label that has the integrity and commitment that we have found at Lava. And we feel that Lava Records shares the exact same vision as we all do and are willing to take both us AND Everfine to places weve always dreamed wed one day go. So it is our great pleasure to announce the partnering of Everfine Records, Lava Records, and O.A.R. for what will be the best years of our lives and we thank you in advance for sharing them with us. Like we said, we wanted you all to be the first outside our families to know because we feel that you have been an integral part of this bands growth. There will be a forum set up on the board to answer any questions and to entertain conversation so feel free to get involved. Thanks.


Marc, Jerry, Chris, Richard, and Benj


O.A.R. to releases a series of 7 Limited Edition shirts.

O.A.R. is proud to announce a series of seven limited edition shirts. With this series were trying to do something a little different. The idea is to present some songs and lyrics through pictures. Each shirt will feature a drawing by Jed Tamarkin, a small O.A.R. logo, as well as a song quote handwritten by Marc on the back. Each themed shirt will be limited in production, and only 72 will be made. Each shirt also has a small inscription denoting it is part of a limited series. (1OF7TWO)

Thanks for participating in these theme shirts; we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them. Any input as to future song quote requests for the shirts can be directed to We'll do our best to accomodate your wishes since these shirts are for you!

Shirt 1 of 7 "To Zion Goes I"


Shirt 2 of 7 "Black Rock"


Shirt 3 of 7 "I Feel Home"



Shirt 4 of 7 "Toy Store"


Shirt 5 of 7 "Anyway"


Shirt 6 of 7 "City On Down"


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!